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What Is A Trap In Soccer? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of Trap In Soccer? This term describes of method of gaining control of the ball off of a pass or a loose ball. Trapping the ball involves using the feet, thighs or chest to bring the ball to the ground while keeping it in the player’s possession.

Soccer Basics - How to Trap the Ball – Perfect Soccer Skills

Trapping the ball is an essential part of soccer, which means that every soccer player should learn to do it correctly. Most coaches preach possession since more possession usually means more wins, and trapping allows you to retain possession for your team.

Trapping The Soccer Ball, 6 Methods You Should Learn ...

What does it mean for a player to trap the ball in soccer. In soccer, trapping the ball is the action of trying to receive a ball moving towards you and reducing it’s speed to nearly zero in order to be able to keep it with you (trap it). Soccer players usually trap the ball whenever they receive a pass from their teammates or whenever they find the ball moving towards them in general.

What is trapping when you play soccer? - Answers

The technique of trapping in Football (Soccer) is when a player makes contact with a ball in motion and minimizes or negates the motion of the ball so that the player has comeplete control of the...

Coaching American Soccer

A distinction is now made between “receiving” (meeting the ball and directing it into open space in a fluid motion, generally with ground balls on the run) and the older term “trapping” (essentially stopping the ball dead, generally because of its strong pace or angle of flight, and then re-directing it).

3 Ways to Trap a Soccer Ball - wikiHow

Trapping a soccer ball is a way of stopping the ball and gaining control of it quickly. As you gain more experience in soccer, trapping the ball becomes a very necessary skill used to gain an advantage over the other team.

Soccer: Controlling the Ball

All soccer players should practice their first touch. Trapping the Ball One way to gain control of a difficult ball is to trap or "catch" the ball. The key to trapping is not to be rigid. Whether you are using your feet, thighs, or chest to trap the ball, the concept is the same. Let's take using your foot, for example.

Coaching Points for Trapping with the Inside of the Foot.

Trapping with the inside of the foot is the most commonly used trap because it's the easiest to learn and teach. Here are some important coaching points for teachine proper technique to control the ball with the inside of the foot: Move towards the ball; Body behind the flight of the ball; Elbows up and away from the body for balance; Knee's slightly bent