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Volleyball Manual 2021-22 - KSHSAA

2021-2022 Volleyball Rules Changes 4-1-6a, b (NEW) – Allows the wearing of religious headwear during competition that fits securely and is made of non-abrasive or soft materials, eliminating the requirement for prior authorization while still requiring head coverings worn for medical

Volleyball - KSHSAA

KSHSAA Ejection Policy. NEW Fall Preseason Practice Rules. Competition Volleyball. Heat Safety Information. Line-Up Card. Officials Signal Sequence. Off-Season Rules & Regulations. Other Information. Roster/Line-Up Card. Rules Mtg (Review) Uniform Information. KSHSAA Concussion Reporting System


RULE 4-2-1: ART. 1 . . . All uniforms shall adhere to the following: a. Uniform tops [with the exception of the libero (4-2-2)] shall be like-colored and uniform bottoms shall be like-colored. b. Uniforms shall be worn as the manufacturer intended. c. Uniforms shall be free of hard and unyielding items (buttons, zippers, snaps, fasteners, etc.). d.

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The first team to win three sets shall be the winner of the match. The 4th and 5th sets shall not be played unless necessary to determine the winner of the match. All sets shall be 25 points (no cap). The 5th and deciding set shall be 15 points (no cap) and the team must win by two camps.

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LIBERO UNIFORM . Shorts = Same/identical to teammates ; Jersey/Top = Must be contrasting color to those worn by teammates (primary color must be different than any color that is +25% on teammates) May be a different style (t-shirt acceptable) Must have a legal number (may not be a duplicate number)


three-team seeding rules: a) The competing teams within a district shall, by majority vote, determine if the schools are required to play each other once or twice during the regular season. These games will produce a uniform means of ranking the teams by seed within these districts. b) The team with the highest seed (one seed) receives a bye in


Following are the district football assignments for the 2022 and 2023 football seasons. For additional information concerning scheduling, brackets, district chairpersons, etc., see pages 12-13, sections 4.A thru 4.G of the 2021 KSHSAA Football Manual.


kansas state high school activities association (kshsaa) rules overview o Student must be a bona fide undergraduate student in good standing. o Student shall have passed at least 5 new subjects (not previously passed), of unit weight, the previous semester.

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VOLLEYBALL RULES INTERPRETATIONS Rule 4-1 EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES Cloth face coverings are permissible. (4-1-4) Gloves are permissible. (4-1-1) Rule 4-2 LEGAL UNIFORM