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Tennis betting explained | Handicaps in Tennis betting

The handicap markets are valuable when betting on a match with a clear favourite, as the moneyline odds offer low reward-to-risk ratios. By betting on a handicap market, you are not predicting the actual winner, but rather how a player performs. As such, the handicap is factored into the final score to determine whether the bet is a winning one.

Tennis Handicap Betting đŸ„‡ Set & Game Handicap Explained

Game handicap in tennis betting is the results of a games in tennis match, calculated by adding all games won per player and then applying to the handicap. If player A beats player B by 6-4 6-4. If player A beats player B by 6-4 6-4.

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TENNIS HANDICAP MARKET. If you are new to tennis betting, Handicap or HCAP markets are popular bets. The reason is that you are not predicting the actual winner but on how many games a player wins. A Handicap market in Tennis simply means that one of the players is given an advantage at the beginning. Let’s take an example from one of my Betting Tips.

Understanding the Handicap Line in Tennis

Betting on the Tennis Handicap Line. The tennis handicap line is based around the number of games that each player wins and not the number of sets or the eventual outcome. This is important to know when betting so that you know what you are looking for and you know what you have to cheer on.

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Probably the way you will easily understand what handicap in tennis is, is to say that handicap simply equates the chances of both players in tennis, by giving an advantage to the unfavoured player, and disadvantage for the favored player, so that the favored one should win with a bigger difference for example.

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Tennis moved initially to a 4-game system, using .1 to .3 but this was quickly replaced by the 6-game system, using .1 to .5 that we still use now. While the bisque was only used to give points to the weaker player, as still generally pertains in golf, the 6-game system allowed for the stronger player to be penalised by way of a minus handicap.

A Guide to Tennis Handicap Betting

What is tennis handicap betting? Handicap bets give an advantage to one player in an event and a disadvantage (or handicap) to the other. In most events, there is one clear favourite and the handicap can be used to create a more even playing field. In practice, this allows you to back a player even if you don’t think they will win the match. The handicap is applied in the form of games. Example

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Handicap betting is common practice in points-based sports like football, rugby, basketball, and tennis, but is also frequently used in racing events, particularly horse racing. Handicap betting ...