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Answer (1 of 7): Morgan, who was born in New York, is known as the inventor of volleyball which he originally named Mintonette. Later, Alfred Halstead re-named Mintonette volleyball because the object of the game was to volley a ball back and forth over a net. Morgan studied at the Springfield ...

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Answer: It was 1995 when I first met this fascinating sport. In the Panamerican games held in Mar del Plata, Argentina defeated Usa in the final match. to win the gold medal.

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Starting from the year of 1928 the U.S.V.B.A are nowadays known as USA Volleyball (USA V)—has conducted annual national men's and senior men's (age 35 and older) volleyball championships, except during 1944 and 1945. The women's division was started in 1949, and a senior women's division (age 30 and older) was added in 1977.

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The history of volleyball dates back to 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Even though alternative versions of the sport have been around forever, the most modern form of volleyball was first played in 1895.

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Volleyball was created in 1895 under the name Mintonette. So, the game turned 120 in 2015! Mintonette was developed by William G. Morgan , a YMCA PE director looking to create a less rough (but still athletic) sport as an alternative to another new sport (basketball).

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Morgan took some of the characteristics from tennis and handball along with basketball. Morgan liked the game of tennis, but tennis required rackets, balls, a net. He didn t like all the equipment, but he did like the idea of a net. Morgan invented volleyball, which was originally called Mintonette.

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Volleyball players have to communicate with their teammates and coaches all the time. As a volleyball player, you have to communicate during volleyball matches, before and after volleyball practices. And of course, the game of volleyball makes it possible for athletes to develop their communication skills successfully.

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Why is volleyball called volleyball? William G. Morgan may have invented volleyball in 1895, but Alfred T. Halstead is responsible for naming it. After watching one of the first demonstration games, Halstead commented that teams seemed to be ‘volley-ing’ the ball back and forth, and proposed the new name ‘Volley-Ball’.

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It was then formally named as Sepak Takraw and in 1965 the Asian Sepak takraw Federation (ASTAF) was founded as the governing committee of the sports. In 1992, the International Sepak takraw Federation (ISTAF) was formed as the world governing body of the game.