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Of course, these are just a few or the many injuries handball players are prone to suffering. Other injuries may include muscle strains , especially of the rotator cuff , groin , and lower legs ; tendinitis ; Achilles injurie s ; plantar fascia ; lacerations ; and cartilage injuries .

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The categories include a broad range of acute and overuse injuries that most commonly occur in the shoulder, knee, and ankle.

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Common injuries Ankle sprain Knee injury - ligament injuries, including the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Muscle strain – groin, thigh Thigh contusion Jumper´s knee Back pain Shoulder dislocation Thrower’s shoulder Finger injury Concussion

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One hundred eighty-six players of 16 teams in 2 male team handball senior divisions were observed prospectively for 1 season to study the injury incidence in relation to exposure in games and practices. Ninety-one injuries were recorded. Injury incidence was evaluated at 2.5 injuries per 1000 player-hours, with a significantly higher incidence in game injuries (14.3 injuries per 1000 game-hours) compared with practice injuries (0.6 injuries per 1000 practice-hours).

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The analysis of 8,520 handball injuries among 14 to 45 year old athletes revealed that handball injuries can essentially be attributed to four main body regions: Regarding the upper body head (male: 17.4%; female 13.2%) and hand/wrist (male: 19.8%, female 19.6%) are considerable core regions, whereas when talking about the lower extremities knee (male: 23.0%; female 31.7%) and ankle joints (male: 18.6%; female 22.1%) are mainly affected.

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• Most of the injuries happen during matches, in par-ticular in one on one situations, i.e. by body contact. Lower extremities account for most of the injuries, fol-lowed by head injuries and injuries of the upper extremities. Sprains and contusions are the predominantly injury types.

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Injured players report that injuries often occur while performing a cutting movement or on landing from a jump without direct body contact (Figure 1). Studies which have analysed videos of mechanisms of injury observe 3,4 that ACL injuries in team handball occurred mainly during a non-contact plant and cut movement or when landing from a jump shot. It is usually a plant-and-cut faking movement (to change direction to pass an opponent, for example) or a one-legged landing from a jump shot.

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CIRCUMSTANCES OF INJURIES IN HANDBALL. It is well-documented that the injury incidence in handball is significantly higher during match play than in training, which can probably be explained by more intense play, more aggressive behaviour and more contact between players 3-6.