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Some of the most important safety equipment in cricket includes: Arm Guards; Chest Guards; Cricket Helmets; Elbow Guards; Gloves; Jockstraps; Leg Pads; Thigh Guards; Wicket Keeper Gloves; Arm Guard. Arm guards are one of many different kinds of protective equipment in cricket.

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In a list of cricket equipment, a bat comes on top because it’s important cricket equipment. Cricket bat’s maximum length is 38 inches as per the laws of cricket. The cricket bat is restricted by rules in cricket, its size must be up to 96.5 centimeters, and its weight range in between 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg. Tennis Bat

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Cricket involves using various equipment in a bid to protect yourself and play without any fear in mind. The protective gears have been updated with time in a bid to stay protected while playing the game. Here’s a look at all the types of equipment which are used in cricket: #1. Cricket Bat

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A Cricket Kit is a bag in which a cricket player carries his/her essential cricket ...

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The front portion of the pads is very hard as there is hard plastic or wood sticks beneath. The rear portion is spongy and soft to soothe and comfort legs. Keeper pads are little shorter than batsman pads. Helmet − A head gear for the batsman/keeper while batting or wicket-keeping behind the stumps.

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Here's a checklist for you to be sure that you've got it all ready. 1. Cricket equipment for leisure. You literally just need two things to begin the game: BAT - Plastic bats/ Poplar / Poplar Willow. BALL - Any softball- mostly soft tennis ball / Hard Tennis ball. ‍.

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Cricket clothing is fashioned in such a way, so that it is comfortable and at the same time provides the proper protection to the players. Apart from t-shirts with collar, pants, hats, caps, spiked shoes, and sunglasses, following is the list of important protective gear.

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Sun hat, cricket cap or baseball cap. Spiked shoes to increase traction. Protective equipment. Jockstrap with cup pocket into which a "box", or protective cup, is inserted and held in place. Abdominal guard or "box" or an L Guard for male batsmen and wicket-keepers (often referred to as a cup, box or abdo guard ).